Megaron Gyzi, one of the few 17th-century old family mansions to have survived the earthquakes of 1956.  The Gyzi Megaro is a structure of exceptional architectural interest and beauty, to which (following the 1956 earthquakes) only the basement remained, where the utility room of the old estate was. It is a unique building of its era in Santorini, since the ground floors develop around a patio, which attributes a distinctive architecture due to the inner open area created; this is partly covered with an elegant cross-shaped dome and partly uncovered.
The Megaro΄s front entrance decorates the Gyzi family crest. 

With the support and contribution from the Catholic Diocese of Santorini it has been carefully restored in a way that it retains much of its original character in an effort to preserve those distinct features of the local architectural heritage. The building was modified minimally to meet the functional demands of a Cultural Centre accommodating exhibition space and facilities for cultural events.