VANGELIS TZERMIAS Painting Exhibition

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VANGELIS TZERMIAS Painting Exhibition

“Sea Wanderings” by Vangelis Tzermias

The Megaro Gyzi Festival 2011 raises curtain on August 1st with the opening of the solo painting exhibition of Vangelis Tzermias, in which the artist presents his new work titled “Sea Wanderings”. The blue of the sea, the intensity that conveys the movement of ships in the foam and the battle of the mast with the wind are exploited allegorically and worked with poetic mood at the painting works of Vangelis Tzermias, giving to the traditional theme of seascapes new life with strong expressionistic mood. The exhibition is organized and curated by Yannis Papaconstantinou, Artistic Director of Megaro Gyzi.

Opening of exhibition: 1st August 2011, 21:00
Duration of exhibition: 1 – 23 August 2011

“Sea Wanderings”

Paintings, small and large, travel us on sea roads urging us to see the world from another angle between earth and sky. The artist’s ships are sailing sometimes calmly and sometimes to hostile sea.

«The anarchic sea of Vangelis Tzermias with its dense untamed blue colour, worked with violent gestural brush strokes, is often a furious element where the imaginary ships of his inspiration are fighting», as the art historian Euridice Trichon-Milsani notes.

Vangelis Tzermias was born in Neapoli of Lassithi, Crete, Greece. He studied initially at the Accademia di Belli Arte di Firenze, Italy (1980). He continued his studies in painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts – ASFA (1980-1985) with Dimitris Mytaras and Ilias Dekoulakos.

Vangelis Tzermias presented the following solo exhibitions:

Ideografimata, Titanium Art Gallery, Athens (1988)
Voyage into the Past, Nafplio Art Center (1994)
Landscapes of Odyssey, Titanium Art Gallery, Athens (1994)
Landscapes of my Memory, Zakynthos, Art Center (1995)
Wills, Titanium Art Gallery, Athens (1998)
Seascape, Zakynthos, Art Center (1998)
Ship Portraits, Anny Balta Gallery, Thessaloniki (2000)
The Ships, Omma Gallery, Chania, Crete (2000)
Brussels, Belgium (2001)
The Vision, Adam Gallery, Athens (2002)
Vangelis Tzermias Retrospective, Art Center of Markopoulo, Greece (2004)
Mataroa, The French Institute of Athens (2006)
Theasis, Red Gallery, Athens (2006)
Theasis, French Institute, Thessaloniki (2007)

Gaia Art Gallery, Pireas (2008)
Emigre, European Parliament, Brussels (2010)

He also took part in the following group exhibitions:

Students of the Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens Conservatory, Athens (1981-1985)
Distinguished Students of the Athens School of Fine Art, Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation – Andros Museum of Modern Art, Andros Island (1984)
Formulations Plastiques, Leondios School, Athens (1989)
Art and Technology, Titanium Art Gallery, Athens (1990)
Night Passage I, Titanium Art Gallery (1992)
Night Passage II, Titanium Art Gallery (1993)
Summertime, Zakynthos Art Center, Zakynthos Island (1995)
Gallery Metopi, Athens (1997)
Lyra & Doxari, Center for Contemporary Art – L. Kanakakis Municipal Gallery, Rethymno, Crete (1998)
At the Crossroad of Crete, Gallery Tzamia & Krystalla, Chania, Crete (1998)
Christmas, Gallery Stigma (2001)
Group Exhibition, Stavros Mihalarias Art City, Attiki (2002)
Vorres Museum, Peania (2005)
Iris Gallery, Athens (2006)
Silent Dialogues: Multimedia Portraits Throughout Time, ACG Art Gallery, The American College of Greece, Athens (2008).

Artworks by Vangelis Tzermias can be found at the following public collections: Aegean Museum; The American College of Greece; Athens School of Fine Arts; Centre of Contemporary Art – L. Kanakakis; Dimitris Pierides Museum; Florina Museum; General Bank of Greece; Municipal Gallery of Rethymno; National Bank of Greece; and Nautical Museum of Chania.

Αύγουστος 01 2011


Date: Αύγουστος 1, 2011
Time: 9:00 μμ - 11:00 μμ
Cost: FREE
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