«Secrets of the Water»

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The festival gives art lovers the opportunity to have the first contact with the newest section of the artist’s works. The artist explores in this work, both thematically and artistically, the world of water. With his characteristic writing, he parallels poetic fluidity and charm of the aquatic world with our secret, inner world, the world of emotions and the unconscious.

In the words of Chris Kechagioglou: «Water is both the subject and the basic material of my new painting work. According to Dr Masaru Emoto, in his book «The Secret Message of Water», water through the transformations of its crystal structure, according to the different environments, listens, it has memory and registers. It is a mirror, and adjusts our feelings and thoughts. On the other hand, the water has an impressive visible presence in our world. It is the vast sea, lakes and rivers, the water in our everyday life, and the rain, snow and fog, the dew. Reassuring and mysterious, source and carrier of life and of painting, simultaneously within us and around us, we can see it as a huge laboratory of emotions. With my new work I attempt to withhold the secret messages and emotional responses of the color, as water passes through and shapes it.»

Curator of exhibition

Nikos Delendas

Opening of exhibition

Friday July 29 at 20.30

Duration of exhibition

from July 29 until August 23, 2016


An original experimental workshop in painting practice was created. Avoiding the known and tedious, ineffective approach, I tried to create a spiritual environment, of exploration rather than apprenticeship in the strict sense, that offers to participants, and to me, above all, a way of a charming and adventurous deepening and review.

Regardless of age, experience and knowledge, everyone worked as a team based on our common love, in multiple levels of the magical world of painting. This exhibition, which presents work done in 2016, entitled «Holidays», is a first presentation of our effort.

Ιούλιος 29 2016


Date: Ιούλιος 29, 2016
Time: 8:30 μμ - 11:00 μμ
Cost: FREE
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