Dimitra Galani

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Dimitra Galani

The great performer Dimitra Galani meets this summer in selected venues all over Greece, two of the best musicians of the new generation in the Greek music scene. Thomas Konstantinou, a great oud virtuoso and the outstanding jazz pianist Spiros Manessis.
Together they perform songs with influences from the East and the West. Two instruments represent each of these «schools». The oud and the piano, linked by Dimitra Galani’s charismatic voice. A performer who consciously for years has balanced her voice between two cultures, with respect to memory, confidence in the talent of young people and sense of measure.
Their performance unites the contrasts of these two musical worlds which, although seem to be different, have in fact always been close by exchanging elements and ideas. The three artists outstandingly show the differences and similarities, and illuminate the path to Art. The selected songs are favorite and timeless, and presented in a different way. Songs that embrace the audience…

Αύγουστος 17 2018


Date: Αύγουστος 17, 2018
Time: 9:00 μμ - 11:00 μμ
Cost: free
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